Four Years of Credit Card Hacking

Since beginning full-time work four years ago, I’ve successfully leveraged the opening and closing of seven credit cards for remarkably cheap travel. I’ve been over the oceans and across the nation, all for a fraction of the cost. And four years later, I’m still going strong. Some refer to this art as travel hacking or credit card churning, for the legal and clever exploitation of airline-branded credit … Continue reading Four Years of Credit Card Hacking

Getting Around: The Philippines

The final month of any year ushers in a reflection of the past 52 weeks: how I’ve progressed, failed, changed, and learned. Recently I’ve been pouring over photos and writings from my first solo international adventure last fall (ok, so a little over a year ago) and I’m finally energized to share my thoughts on the island nation of the Philippines. Writing is a strange … Continue reading Getting Around: The Philippines

Pack Like a Minimalist: Tom Bihn Synapse 25

After two years of research and planning, I’m delighted to finally be writing a minimalist packing post. For me, travel packing is a complex and enjoyable optimization challenge. Volume, weight, material, functionality, and style are all taken into account when I plan a domestic or international adventure. To this end, I’ve complied my packing list and thought process below for my latest trip.

Continue reading “Pack Like a Minimalist: Tom Bihn Synapse 25”

Headed To The Philippines For October!

People often wonder why I devote energy to examining how I spend my time or optimizing my physical possessions. While it provides some immediate intrigue and satisfaction, it can’t really connect to my long-term goals, can it? I’m here to say that it absolutely does. Remember, small choices lead to big victories. Developing more intentionality at all levels of your life will empower you in pursuing challenging or counter-cultural decisions in the future. Through this process, I decided to spend the month of October on an overseas adventure. Continue reading “Headed To The Philippines For October!”